Nothing brings back cherished memories like time honored recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.  Now you can preserve those recipes and the memories that they bring to mind by sharing them with the Carroll County History Project.

 We’re collecting recipes as a way to preserve our local history.  You can honor your family by submitting a recipe and a short story about your family and we’ll post it right here on our website!

To share YOUR family recipes & stories, send us the following:

  1. Your written family recipe.
  2. A short story about the memories of the people or places associated with your recipe.
  3. A Photo of the people or Carroll County location mentioned in your story.

Submitted Family Recipes

  • Sykesville-Cafeteria-Staff-73-74

    Sykesville Middle School Sticky Buns

    Submitted by Dorothy D. (Dottie) Mangle On Thursdays in the early 1970's, you could always count on Sykesville Middle School being well attended. Thursday was "Sticky Bun Day." The cafeteria ladies signature treat produced a delectable smell which could be detected as soon as you entered the building. Carroll County Public School Central Office Staff [...]

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  • normaandedgar

    Grandmother Ward Ginger Cake Recipe

    Submitted by Norma Ward Clarkson My Grandmother Ward lived at the corner of Bethel Road and the Baltimore Pike for 79 years. She was born in Carroll County in 1888 and lived until 1967. The photo I have attached is of Norma and her husband, Edgar “Doc” Ward taken in 1965. This is how I […]

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  • gingercake


    Submitted by Beveryly Kerkam My husband and I, like many other current Carroll County residents, are not natives to the area We have lived here over 40 years, however, and will always feel this county, and the people in it, have shaped and enriched our lives. One person who impacted our lives was Rose Crook. […]

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  • PhenomenalJelloSalad

    Lime Cream Salad

    Submitted by Lynn Beard St John Leister’s Church has hosted dinners as long as I can remember. There were always bowls piled with vegetables and platters laden with meats and God ripened tomatoes, but the most phenomenal thing on the table was the Jello salads. In the early 70’s all of the ladies had they’re […]

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  • helen_pickled_pepper_recipe

    Helen Overholtzer’s Pickled Pepper Recipe

    Submitted by Lynn Beard Canning has been a summer activity every year of my family’s life. Everything was fresh from the garden, jarred and stored for the “long, cold winter.” My grandparent’s farmed in Taneytown and their garden dirt was clay red unlike my mother’s rocky garden near Manchester. My grandmother had a large wood […]

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  • Pauline-Wilk-Six-Way-Cookies

    Pauline Welk Six Way Cookies

    Submitted by LPatricia N. Wolf Pauline Wilk lived in or near Pleasant Valley and was very involved with her church and community. She was a member of St. Matthew’s United Church of Christ and an active member of the willing workers class a charter member of the Pleasant Valley Homemakers club, Mrs. Wilk served in […]

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  • gina-submission

    The Traditional Bair Birthday Cake

    For as long as I can remember, my birthdays were made special my grandmother’s cake masterpiece. She would bake a two layer chocolate cake (sometimes from scratch, sometimes from a cake mix) and frost the cake with her secret weapon recipe of whipped cream icing. With my birthday being on Christmas Eve, my family celebrated […]

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