Want to share your family’s memories with the Carroll County History Project?
Simply take 5-10 minutes to record an interview with a loved one, such as a favorite relative, friend, teacher, or someone from the neighborhood, about their memories of Carroll County.

You don’t need any special recording equipment. Simply use your computer, cellphone, or video camera and follow the steps below to capture your family history, favorite stories, and memories for generations to come.


Step 1: Get Prepared

Our free Do-It-Yourself Guide offers helpful tips for recording interviews at home.

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Step 2: Develop Questions

Prepare 3-4 questions to ask. Samples include:
• What do you remember most about growing up in Carroll County?
• What is your favorite holiday memory?

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Step 3: Share Your Video

Congratulations! You’ve recorded your interview, now be sure to share your video.

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