Do you have stories to share?

Your friends and relatives have unique stories to tell. They know a Carroll County history that can’t be found in textbooks, because they lived it. Carroll County Remembers and Carroll County: Through the Eyes of the Black Experience are collections of those stories. They reveal the people, places and events that made Carroll County what it is today. We invite you to help capture these stories so that they may live on and be shared with others.

Join other Carroll County residents who want to take part in the Carroll County Remembers and Carroll County: Through the Eyes of the Black Experience Oral History Projects.

Interviews will be archived at the Community Media Center in Westminster and made available through its website and through the Carroll County Public Library. Portions of some interviews will be used for programs airing on Cable Channel 19.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to volunteer with the Carroll History Project. Interview your loved ones, friend or neighbor! Everyone has a story to tell and you can help preserve your local history by conducting an interview. 

The Carroll History Project holds interview workshops to teach volunteers the best practices and techniques when interviewing. Leo Eaton, Community Media Center Board Vice Chair and Emmy award winning independent producer instructs the course. Leo teaches students how to make your interviewee feel comfortable while on camera.

Also, the Carroll History Project is housed at the Community Media Center. This allows for volunteers to learn specialized training on how to conduct their own interviews using production equipment and learned techniques.


To reserve an interview appointment or to sign up to volunteer with the Carroll County History Project please e-mail or call Marion Ware at 410-386-4415.