Local Documentaries from Carroll County

March on Washington Documentary 
February 2012
Local residents who were part of the historic event on August 28th, 1963 shared their stories and memories of how this remarkable event helped usher in a new age of civil rights and liberties. Program wove interviews, along with archival footage together to tell the story. Residents featured in the program represent various cultural and religious backgrounds and reflect the diversity of participants in the historic Civil Rights March. Through their recollections, the March on Washington comes alive and viewers learn what motivated over 200,000 people to come together as one, and how that extraordinary day of hope and freedom, changed our lives forever

Robert Moton School Documentary
November 2013
Robert Moton School: The hope of a community. Produced by CMC Member Patricia Mack-Preston, this one-hour documentary features local residents who attended the Segregated Robert Moton High School. The program honors the African Americans who attended the school and records their memories about segregated education; the struggles, the triumphs, the pursuit of excellence and their experiences when integrating Carroll County Schools in the 1950’s and 1960’s

White Rock Church 
December 2012
One of the oldest African-American Churches in the County, White Rock Church traces its roots back to 1868. Church records show that many of the current parishioners can trace their families back to those founding members. The documentary features interviews with Reverend Douglas Sands and various church members.