Grandmother Ward Ginger Cake Recipe


Submitted by Norma Ward Clarkson

My Grandmother Ward lived at the corner of Bethel Road and the Baltimore Pike for 79 years.

She was born in Carroll County in 1888 and lived until 1967. The photo I have attached is of Norma and her husband, Edgar “Doc” Ward taken in 1965. This is how I remember my Grandmother but she was young when then married in 1906. At night it was still very dark in the country with only kerosene lamps to read by or as many did keep a journal. No indoor plumbing, no radio or television and no automobiles yet. They lived to see many changes, two world wars, the depression and man land on the moon.

The Ginger cake recipe is one that she gave me. I must admit I haven’t tried it – what size is 2 big spoons and 2 tablespoons of ginger sounds like an awful lot. 1 pt. of New Orleans syrup? and lard.

Ginger Cake
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  1. 2 tablespoons of ginger
  2. 1 pt. of New Orleans syrup
  3. 1 cup of brown sugar
  4. 1 cup melted lard warm
  5. 1 cup cream or pet milk
  6. 2 big spoons of baking soda
  1. Stiffen with flour almost five level cups not too stiff
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Grandmother Ward Ginger Cake Recipe

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