Lime Cream Salad


Submitted by Lynn Beard

St John Leister’s Church has hosted dinners as long as I can remember. There were always bowls piled with vegetables and platters laden with meats and God ripened tomatoes, but the most phenomenal thing on the table was the Jello salads. In the early 70’s all of the ladies had they’re own special recipes. Preparing for the dinners involved unmolding a variety of sweet concoctions. Everyone in the kitchen held their breath as the suction released from the molds and out slid sparkling Jello.


There were red glistening salads, others had creamy layers and tropical fruits. A can of fruit cocktail or pineapple transformed the simple Jello into a sight to behold. Halfway through the meal Mrs. Makolin, the pastor’s wife, or other ladies would trade salads from table to table for all to enjoy. My mother always made this creamy lime Jello salad and poured it into a lovely cut glass bowl to serve at many church dinners.


Phenomenal Jello Salad
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  1. 8 oz. cream cheese
  2. ½ cup sugar (skimp)
  3. 13 oz. can evaporated milkSmall package lime jello
  4. 8 ½ oz. crushed pineapple drained
  1. Beat cold milk till thick. Mix cheese with sugar. Fold in. Make jello with 1 cup boiling water. Chill till room temperature. Fold in. Add drained pineapple. Chill 6 hours.
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Lime Cream Salad

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