Pauline Welk Six Way Cookies


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Pauline Wilk lived in or near Pleasant Valley and was very involved with her church and community. She was a member of St. Matthew’s United Church of Christ and an active member of the willing workers class a charter member of the Pleasant Valley Homemakers club, Mrs. Wilk served in leadership.

She was a leader of the PV Fires 4-H club for many years and was honored as a 4-H All Star. She was a member of the PV fire Company ladies auxiliary and received several awards for service. Pauline was known for her baking ability. Her cherry pies, coconut cake, and cookies were sold at bake sales and were also enjoyed at community events. Pauline would make batch or two of her favorite ‘six-way cookie’ for many activities.


Six Way Cookies
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  1. 1 ½ Eagle sweetended condensed milk
  2. ½ c. Peanut butter (can use crunch)
  3. 2 c. Raisins
  4. 2 c. Bran Flakes
  5. 2 c. Chopped Dates3 c. Shredded
  6. 1 c. Chopped Nuts
  1. Mix Eagle Brand milk, peanut butter and anyone of the six ingredients listed. Drop by teaspoonful’s on greased baking sheet, in a moderately hot oven (305°) for 12 minutes or until light brown on second rack. They brown very quickly on bottom, so watch. Remove at once from pan. Our favorite is coconut.
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Pauline Welk Six Way Cookies